Opening Real Science Videos

Opening Real Science is a multi-institution project /focussing on the improvement of pre-service teachers mathematics and science learning and training. As part of this project, Our Solar Siblings has created two condensed modules based around our projects that can be used by secondary teacher education students. The first module is “Telescopes, Colour Imaging […]

Version 1 Appears?

There have never been any ‘true’ version numbers for the Our Solar Siblings materials. Changes, updates, deletions and additions are so frequent that, depending on your definition, there could have been 10 versions or 10 hundred versions over the past six years. Having said that, we could never have called […]

Two Talks from Perth, July 2015

Two talks were recently given by Dr Michael Fitzgerald that have placed up on the Our Solar Siblings Vimeo site. Both were in Perth in mid-2015. There was a set of three conferences run over two weeks where I gave these two presentations as well as a workshop at CONASTA, […]

Student Research Paper published on Open Cluster NGC2215! 3

We are proud to announce the publication of a paper co-authored by high school students and Our Solar Siblings members titled “Photometric and Proper Motion Study of the neglected open cluster NGC 2215”. This research emerged from the curriculum materials used in Our Solar Siblings. The paper itself is published […]

Teacher Introductory Video Up on Vimeo.

We have just uploaded 7 and a bit minute long video aimed at introducing the Our Solar Siblings project to new teachers! Hopefully it provides a useful overview to (the quite large!) initial distribution of materials, the general project layout and goals and what teachers, and students, can experience in Our […]

First Images from First Teachers!

As of October 27th 2014, the capacity to officially undertake education research with the teachers and students involved with the Our Solar Siblings project was approved by the Charles Sturt University Human Research Ethics Committee. This approval allows the research undertaken with the teachers and students involved with the project […]