Brad Murphy – School Students Journey of Astronomical Discovery   Recently updated !

Access to a Global Telescope Network Over the past several years, I have been running Co-Curricular collaborative experiences for students doing real hands on Astronomy. I have done this at my last two schools, first Arndell Anglican College, and now at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. I have done this through […]

Our Solar Siblings @ Galen Catholic College 1

I was introduced to Our Solar Siblings at the Teacher PD Workshop – “Astronomy from the Ground Up” – held by CSIRO’s Rob Hollow at Parkes Observatory – The Dish. Michael Fitzgerald spoke about the program, I was hooked, and wanted to learn more, as I was teaching a Year […]

Matthew D’Souza’s Story

When I was in Year 9, I entered a project for the school science fair that investigated the period-luminosity relationship. My ambitious goal was to conduct aperture photometry using a small telescope, the Celestron NexStar 130SLT computerised reflector. Not particularly designed for anything other than visual observing, I was interested […]

OSS Project and Student Research Posters at RTSRE2017

At the recent Robotic Telescopes and Student Research Conference in San Diego June 18-21, 2017, three independent student researchers had posters up on display showing their astronomical research using the LCO network! We also had some other related project posters on display as well. Click on the image for a […]

May 2017 Newsletter Out!

A jam-packed newsletter full of updates to a variety of Our Solar Siblings activities. Updated materials A new moodle site A new astronomy attitude instrument A variety of student research projects New LCO telescopes and portals Exhibitions Conferences Donations Review Papers What more could you ask for? The link to […]

Robotic Telescopes, Student Research and Education Conference

A conference in sunny, summery, San Diego will be held in June 18-22, 2017. It is co-chaired by Michael Fitzgerald, the lead investigator in Our Solar Siblings! Robotic Telescopes, Student Research and Education Conference (RTSRE) San Diego, CA, USA. 18th-22nd of June 2017.   The conference will be attended by […]

Philanthropy as Sustainability 1

Our Solar Siblings is a free service to teachers and students worldwide. The content is based around addressing various elements of the Australian Science Curriculum as well as the International Baccalaureate. Despite these foci, our research into curriculum offerings shows that the content is much more generally applicable. Las Cumbres […]

Opening Real Science Videos

Opening Real Science is a multi-institution project /focussing on the improvement of pre-service teachers mathematics and science learning and training. As part of this project, Our Solar Siblings has created two condensed modules based around our projects that can be used by secondary teacher education students. The first module is “Telescopes, Colour Imaging […]

Version 1 Appears?

There have never been any ‘true’ version numbers for the Our Solar Siblings materials. Changes, updates, deletions and additions are so frequent that, depending on your definition, there could have been 10 versions or 10 hundred versions over the past six years. Having said that, we could never have called […]

Two Talks from Perth, July 2015

Two talks were recently given by Dr Michael Fitzgerald that have placed up on the Our Solar Siblings Vimeo site. Both were in Perth in mid-2015. There was a set of three conferences run over two weeks where I gave these two presentations as well as a workshop at CONASTA, […]