Opening Real Science Videos


Opening Real Science is a multi-institution project /focussing on the improvement of pre-service teachers mathematics and science learning and training. As part of this project, Our Solar Siblings has created two condensed modules based around our projects that can be used by secondary teacher education students. The first module is “Telescopes, Colour Imaging and the Cosmos” which is a year 7-10 focussed module, essentially following the process of Projects 1 and 2 of the Our Solar Siblings material. The second module is “Tracing the Lifecycle of Stars through Colour-Magnitude Diagrams”, another 7-10 module which follows the deeper investigations afforded by Project 3 of the Our Solar Siblings Material.

The two introductory videos for each of these modules are available below. A Primary Module based on the work done in our sibling project, A Journey Through Space and Time has also been contributed to the Opening Real Science project.



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