OSS Project and Student Research Posters at RTSRE2017

At the recent Robotic Telescopes and Student Research Conference in San Diego June 18-21, 2017, three independent student researchers had posters up on display showing their astronomical research using the LCO network! We also had some other related project posters on display as well. Click on the image for a pdf of the actual poster. Just before the posters though, we have a video where three of them, Ashini, Qixuan and Sophie present their 1 minute poster sparkler!

Tuesday Poster Sparklers [RTSRE2017] from Our Solar Siblings on Vimeo.


Matthew D’Souza: Searching for Variable Stars in the Field of NGC 659

Ashini Modi: Big Bang to Big Freeze, Lifting the Veil on the Hubble Constant

Qixuan Wu: RR Lyrae Itself and RR Lyraes in Messier 2 in SDSS Filters

Our Solar Siblings: Project Outline

Our Solar Siblings: Education Pipeline

Sophie Bartlett: Astronomy and Science Student Attitudes

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